Wednesday, December 21, 2011

WIP Wednesday!

Finished my little knitted gift, and decided... I don't like it. Will have to try again, it doesn't take long and I do have Friday off so I might have time. Maybe. If I knit really fast! Otherwise, there's always next year. (Note to self- start EARLY this year. For real this time.)

I've also decided that the time has finally come to cast on for my "first knitted project." I knit this swatch what seems like forever ago, as soon as I was confident in my ability to knit and purl. It's not a gauge swatch or anything, more of a curiosity swatch. I wanted to find out if I could cable.

Those look like cables to me! A little off maybe, but nothing a little practice won't fix. It's getting more winter-y here and I need a scarf either way, I seem to have lost all of mine in the move. I have a lovely emerald green color to knit it with too, I would take a picture but the light is so bad in my apartment at night that I would never do it justice.

Wish me luck, and happy crafting!

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