Wednesday, July 4, 2012

WIP Wednesday 7/4/12

Hello! Happy 4th of July!

I wasn't able to put up a weekend post like I was hoping, my wrists were still hurting too badly. They're still bothering me but I've been trying to rest them as much as possible (and having the day off of the computer has really helped.)

I finished my ABABA scarf, it just needs to be blocked and have the ends woven in, and then I can get a finished picture up. My sister liked it so much that I'm making one for her! I'm using KnitPicks Chroma fingering yarn, and I'm really liking it so far. I'll try to give it a little mini review later, after I've been working with it awhile.

This pattern is definitely a keeper.
Since my wrists have been so uncooperative lately I can't do much knitting at any one time. The most I've managed this week is 2-3 rows and then at least an hour worth of resting. With my work schedule, that definitely has not been leaving me much time to knit.

Without knitting, I'm not sure what to do with myself. I like to read, but I like to read in bed right before going to sleep. I don't get much TV time, because my husband likes to relax by playing his videogames after work. I can't listen to podcasts without doing anything, because I fall asleep. I've been bouncing off the walls all week looking for something to do... until today.

I pulled out my drop spindle! I ordered a drop spindle kit from Crystal Creek Fibers on Etsy a few weeks ago, but haven't had the time and motivation to try it out. Mostly because I thought it would be hard, and I was kind of scared. It came with the spindle you see here, a mini niddy noddy, and a FULL POUND of merino top to learn to spin with. I wasn't quite sure how to hold/separate/pre draft the merino yet, so I started with some pencil roving I bought from a yarn store around here. It's going fantastically! I read the directions that came with the kit, watched a few YouTube videos, and now I have something that mostly resembles yarn! The spinning is using a slightly different hand/wrist motion than knitting, so it's not causing me any pain. I'm sill planning on taking it slowly, but for now, I'm just having fun!

Happy crafting!

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Hello, friends! I haven't forgotten you, and I've been knitting up a storm (except for the last few days.) I can't wait to share, but i can't quite yet. I've been working long hours and my wrists are hurting. A lot. It hurts to write, it hurts to type, and I can't even think about knitting- which is driving me crazy! I will try to get a more in depth post up this weekend, but for now, happy crafting!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

WIP Wednesday 6/13/12

Still plugging away at the scarf, not too much to say right now.

Not sure why my blanket shows up orange in the picture... it's definitely a bright, crayon red. That's ok though, I think it looks cooler (and less clash-y) as an orange blanket. The yarn isn't too far off the color shown though.

This pattern (the ABABA scarf from Ravelry) is wonderful for where my head is right now. It's got a little bit of interest, it's not too complicated, and the best thing- I'm more than halfway through it and haven't felt the urge to put it away and cast on something new yet!

Hope you all are doing well, happy crafting!

Friday, June 1, 2012

FO Friday! My mom's hood.

Look! I do finish things once in awhile!

My mom and my little sister came in for a visit today, along with my sister's friend C who lives with the family. Yesterday evening I finally realized this was the week, so I figured I should probably finish sewing up my mom's hood. The crocheting has been done for ages, it just need sewn up and the ends woven in. I think I need to practice sewing more- my stitches usually end up pretty even and fairly invisible, but it's so agonizing. I think if I get more practice in I might get to a point where I can do it more quickly and easily. And not whine about it the entire time. Maybe? I hope. It'll probably look prettier too.

Here is my mom's hood, modeled by my younger sister-

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

WIP Wednesday 5/23

It IS Wednesday, right? I'm pretty sure it is. It doesn't really matter though, because I have a new project!
I have been enthusiastically plugging away at the ABABA scarf from Ravelry. I did have to learn some new stitches (k2tog and p2tog were easy enough, but I'd never actually DONE them, and kfb I had to YouTube) but in general it's easy enough for my stressed out self to handle. I've been sitting in the living room on a reclining chair listening to podcasts and knitting. The pattern is easy enough to memorize so I don't have to constantly flip through it. It's really been rather relaxing, and I've found I'm usually in a better mood afterwards. The constant stitch repetition is definitely improving my tension.

I am using a Zauberball by Schoppel Wolle and loving the long color changes. I always want to knit just a little bit more to see if I can get to the next color before I have to go to bed. And it's pretty soft! I was pleasantly surprised. I haven't had any problems with it so far, it hasn't been too twisty and the thick and thin-ness of it intrigues me. I will definitely be using this yarn again in the future.

I don't have a great picture of the actual project right now. I did, but I got a new phone and haven't figured out if I actually have a way to get the rest of  my pictures back from the old one yet. They gave me the memory card from the old phone back when I donated it at the cell phone store, but I'm not sure how to connect it to the computer. Or if my photos are even on there. I need to play around with it... eventually. Or, you know, just take new pictures. Yeah, that would probably be easier.

Here's how I store it though! It's usually in a plastic bag as well for extra kitty proofing. (Please ignore the shoes in the background, we just kick them off when we come inside.)

It gives you an idea of the color at least. Yay pretty yarn bowl!

Hope you all are doing well, happy crafting!

Click here for more info on work in progress Wednesday

Friday, May 4, 2012

Swap! What I sent.

Well, it definitely took me long enough to get around to writing this! Hopefully you'll forgive me.

Here is what I sent for the spring swap-

This is what the box looked like. There were also glittery stickers. Do you like the little owl? His name is Winston. My husband drew him and I think he's very cute!

Photo courtesy of my swap partner, as I forgot to take one.
A skein of misti alpaca yarn, a crochet hook, an owl necklace, a crocheted scarf, vanilla milkshake straws, candy, helly kitty lip balm, memo pad, pansy seeds to plant (mixed with tissue paper and formed into a butterfly,) bags of tea, an IA magnet, and an IA coffee mug (which unfortunately broke on the way.) She seemed to like everything, so I think I did alright!

I think this is the closest I managed to get of the true color. It was a nice, mossy green.

This scarf was my secret swap project. It started out as a cowl, but it was turning out too thick and warm for spring. Next it was a more complicated crocheted scarf pattern, but I was working so many hours that I just didn't have the brain space to ever get much done on it. So it turned into this- a v-stitch scarf in a brick pattern. This was simple enough that I could work on it in front of the television, but in my opinion much nicer than a plain garter stitch, single crochet, or double crochet scarf would have been.

Photo courtesy of my swap partner (hi swap partner! I don't want to put your  Ravelry name on here, just in case!)

I've decided that swaps are a lot of fun, and will definitely be doing another one at some point in the future. Hope you all are doing well, happy crafting!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I think... I'm afraid to blog. I'm not sure why. I've had a bit more free time, I have pictures that I can upload... I just haven't.

It's strange really. I get a thought in my head that I should write a post, come to the computer, and just decide I'm too busy. Or that I'll do it later, soon, this weekend, tomorrow.

I've also been pulling away from Twitter, Facebook, and even Ravelry. Maybe I just spend too much time on computers daily. On the bright side though, I have had more time to knit. I will reveal my swap partner project soon as it has been received (and loved!) Right now I am resting my Moss and Bluebells scarf and working on the ABABA scarf using a Zauberball. I'm loving the color changes!

Does this ever happen to you?

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring Swap

Hello! Long time no see, I know.

I actually get a full weekend this week, and to my surprise, I was visited by the mailman! I am taking part in the spring swap hosted by the Tiny Owl Knits group on Ravelry, and boy was I spoiled. This is going to be a picture heavy post, because I was so excited. Sorry some of the pictures are sideways, I didn't notice until after I uploaded them and now I'm too tired to fix them.

Look at how cute the box is!

When I opened the box, I found a letter. It was a very sweet letter, which gave me permission to rip into my goodies before finishing the reading of it...

Aren't these stickers cute?

Which I promptly did, of course! Below are pictures of my goodies in no particular order-

Yummy apple/strawberry scented candle

My swap partner is from TX

A TX cookie cutter!

Chocolate, cleverly put in a plastic bag in case of meltage.

Lots of yummy recipes
An easter bunny!
A pretty teacup and saucer, from her grandmother's china! I will cherish this.

These little owls are on the cutest plate

This little owl is on a super cute bag!

A book that I can't wait to read

Pretty notebook

Handmade magnets that are already on my fridge

Pencils and notepads

Cute little mini skeins for my hexipuffs

A pretty scarf made of of yarn that looks difficult to work with

Knitted leaf dishcloths

Cutest little owl puff
Mug cosy
Tea wallet. I love the little button!

And it's filled with tea of course.

Mr. Mini Fox!!!

I can't believe someone knitted this FOR ME. ALL FOR ME! 

Cute knitted bag filled with pretty plastic eggs...
That were filled with tiny animals and aliens....

And Hello Kitty...

And stitch markers...

And more stitch markers (isn't that green/black one pretty?)...

And a special hexipuff stitch marker!
There was even a knitted egg inside one of the eggs, intended for a cat toy.

My cat loved it so much he refused to share with his sister.

I am overwhelmed. My spoiler knitted up a storm for me, and I am just so pleased with everything! I seriously almost cried when I found Mr Fox. So cute! And the letter was so sweet, I'm such a happy girl right now.

This has inspired me to get my butt in gear and get my swap package sent off to my spoilee... I only have 2 more things to pick up and it will be on its way! (I am NOT waiting until the last minute, I swear. It won't be super early, but hopefully it will be worth it.) Also, I'm not cheating. The rules for this swap are to send no later than a certain date, but open your package as soon as it arrives.My first swap experience is going amazingly well. I've been so happy putting a box together for my spoilee, and my spoiler put such an amazing box together for me! Knitters/crocheters/crafters are such lovely people, I am very happy to be part of this community.

Until next time, happy crafting!