Wednesday, December 14, 2011

WIP Wednesday- sort of

I have a new project! I do, I do! I don't think I should post about it now though, because I decided to knit a small holiday gift for someone who may or may not read this blog. (Why do I do this to myself?! December is not the time to start holiday presents!) More on that will be coming soon.

In the mean time, please enjoy these pictures of my lovely kittyfaces.

Smudge aka Mudge/Mudgie

Chirper aka Chirps

Aren't they cute? I might just be a sucker.

Or maybe you'd enjoy some easy baking inspiration? Cut your brownies into shapes!

Ninja brownies!
My next brownies, or cookies, or any shape-able baked goods are most definitely going to be cut into moose, squirrel, and whale shapes. My mother in law found the cookie cutters in Ikea awhile ago and sent them my way, woohoo!

Sorry this post is so short and scatterbrained, but real life got in the way. Apparently I'm convinced that today is Tuesday AND Thursday, but somehow definitely not Wednesday.

Good luck to all of you attempting to finish homemade holiday gifts!