Wednesday, September 4, 2013

WIP Wednesday 9/4/13


I still haven't been able to find time during the day to knit, but I'm taking advantage of my evening hours for sure.

I've been working on my Hitchhiker. Not as much as I've been meaning too, because I keep getting distracted by other things, but it's coming along.

I've also been working on my alien cow scarf #2. It's working up pretty fast.

I made a simple stretchy headband/ear warmer for a friend of mine too! The ends still need to be woven in and I'm working on a flower for it. 

It's kind of difficult to photograph a headband! This is the headband that won't work with the flower I posted yesterday. I think I am going to try a gray and pink one on it next. I started one last night. 

That's all I have been working on lately, happy crafting!

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  1. That Hitchhiker took me foreeeever to knit! Yours is coming along nicely. I understand about taking pictures of something you are knitting and it not coming out the way you want it to. Sigh.

    Visiting from WIP Wednesday.