Wednesday, September 25, 2013

WIP Wednesday 9/25

Hi friends!

Sorry for the long break, I was sick a few weeks ago and then last week I was too excited about knitting to stop and post. Here's what I've been working on-

Still chugging along on my hitchhiker. It's slowing down now that each tooth area is getting so big.

I started a second little bear hat. I just need to sew on the ears (hardest part!) and sew up the hood. I don't think I shared the first one with you, so I will try to do that Friday. They're super cute!

I pulled my moss and bluebells back out!! I must have gotten off count last time, the pocket seems to be working out just fine this time!

I am using a yarn called "sheepish" for this. I love how soft and squishy it is! I think I'm going to leave the scarf part as is and re-knit it in a green color of this same yarn. Currently the scarf is made of a sturdier yarn, and I think I'd rather do the extra work and have a completely soft and scrunchy scarf rather than a serviceable but not so soft scarf with super soft pockets. Live and learn!

Hope you all are doing well, happy crafting!