Monday, September 9, 2013


Confession time. I am really bad at dealing with leftover scraps of yarn. I always go back and use them eventually (even if its just to practice a new stitch) but it's such a hassle. Especially with commercially wound yarn, or anything with a center pull.

You see, I finish a project and get so excited to start the next one that I just toss the leftover mess into the nearest yarn receptacle. Or really anything cat proof. I know I've found yarn wedged atop books in the bookcase, in the entertainment center, who knows where else. I don't have a huge stash either! I have a storage thingy similar to This one, and all of my yarn and notions would probably fit if I packed it in neatly.

Instead, I refuse to re-wind the used yarn, and the ends get everywhere. Then when I decide I want it for something I have to spend hours trying to untangle everything! It is not a pleasant experience. When it's really bad, I have to wait for my husband to help me (he's really good at the whole untangling thing) but do I learn? Of course not. Maybe it's just so frustrating that I block it out or something. But there's hope!

We are currently rearranging out apartment a bit, mostly trying to get my things out of my daughter's room. No more craft room. Pretty soon we are going to have to find a new place for my yarn, and as soon as that happens I have a plan. I am going to take a few days off of knitting and crocheting, and wind up all of the tangly bits I have, so I can fit them neatly in the storage drawers with everything else. Wish me luck please! Hopefully after that I can just keep up with it as more odds and ends are created.

Anyone have any super easy craft organization tips? 

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