Sunday, January 8, 2012

WIP pictures, as promised

I missed the light again, but woohoo! I found a way to take pictures in my dark apartment!

My little start to the Irish Hiking Scarf (pattern can be found for free on Ravelry.) I used this pattern to learn to cable, and I think it's working pretty well.

 Close up of the scarf.
Close up of one cable.

My only problem with this pattern is that it gets kind of boring. It was fun at first, but I'm not really loving the back of it (this is not a reversible pattern) and there's so many other things I would like to knit. Not sure if I will actually be finishing this one or not. But look! I'm not lying! I really can knit. (A bit anyway.) I had to take a break from this to start the Crocodile Stitch Hood for my mom. 

Cowl is done! I had a hard time capturing the color of this yarn- it's a deep purple with specks of blue and red running through it.

This pattern (crochet) can also be found on Ravelry, though it's not one of the free ones. When it first came out I was so entranced that I just had to have it!

Heehee, one of these stitches looks like a tongue sticking out. Maybe it's just me.

I love this pattern, I really do. I'm just finding it really really tedious to try and make it for the FOURTH time. As soon as it's done, I'm going to be working on knitting. Maybe for the rest of the year, I really want to explore and find out what I can do.

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend, and happy crafting!

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