Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Long time no see! Is anyone still out there?

I know I disappeared, but life happens. First, I couldn't really knit or crochet because my wrists were hurting. I didn't really feel like baking either, so I had nothing to write about.

Then I found out that the reason I didn't feel like doing anything was because I was pregnant. I didn't really want to announce that to the Internet until at least the first three months had passed, so I just didn't post. By the time I was ready to announce it I had an ego attack and decided no one would care. 

Since my little one was born I haven't really had any time to post. (Not to mention my computer is in her room, so after bedtime posting was not an option.) I have recently discovered that blogger has an app, so I can post from my phone!! This means that I should *fingers crossed* be able to post more often now. 

I promise not to turn this into a hardcore parenting blog, but since this does focus on my life there will be mentions of my little stinky bear from time to time. Here's a picture for future reference-

Man, time has been flying! I can't believe how big she's getting!

Since this is kind of a coming back post it's not going to have much else in it. I should have more craft related stuff up soon.

Happy crafting!

Ps: please forgive any typos until I get better at using my phone's keyboard. Thanks!

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