Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hi there!

Well, apparently you are just going to get a post without pictures this time. I keep meaning to take pictures, then forgetting, and then I don't blog... I figured a post without pictures is better than no blog post at all! (And let's pretend I didn't fall off the face of the internet for awhile there too, 'k?)

I had to frog my moss and bluebells scarf. Multiple times. I wanted to cry. First the fabric was too stiff, because my needles were too small. In my dear husband's words, it would have made a good dish cloth. I pulled it all out and started again, but then I got distracted and knit one of the pattern rows twice, so I pulled it all out again. At that point I put out a desperate cry to my Ravelry friends, and was answered with a link to knitty's frog pond information. Good thing too! On my third try, I got distracted and re-knit one of the rows again! Instead of pulling out the whole thing, I tinked back a row and went right on knitting. Right now the scarf part is about 3/4 of the way done, and then I just need to make the pockets.

I still haven't sewn up the crocodile stitch hood for my mother. The weather where she is has been warm, so it won't be of much use until next year anyway. I'd like to get a move on and finish it up so I can get it sent out before I lose it though!

I had to take a break from my moss and bluebells for the time being. I joined a swap! A spring swap through the Tiny Owl Knits group on Ravelry to be more specific. I am super excited, and having so much fun looking for things I know my spoilee will like! I have started knitting something for her too, but I don't want to go into details now on the tiny little off chance she finds my blog and guesses that she's the one I'm sending it to because then the surprise will be ruined and it would be terrible. I know it's not likely, but better safe than sorry! I will take pictures of it and post it later though, for sure.

Hope you all are doing well, happy crafting!

PS- Pinterest may be in my future. Someone just sent me an invite. I'm a little bit scared.


  1. I'll invite you! Which email should I send the invite to? Beware- Pinterst is addicting and will suck up all your free time! :-)

  2. Pinterest is SOOOO addictive! Can't get enough of that place!