Friday, May 4, 2012

Swap! What I sent.

Well, it definitely took me long enough to get around to writing this! Hopefully you'll forgive me.

Here is what I sent for the spring swap-

This is what the box looked like. There were also glittery stickers. Do you like the little owl? His name is Winston. My husband drew him and I think he's very cute!

Photo courtesy of my swap partner, as I forgot to take one.
A skein of misti alpaca yarn, a crochet hook, an owl necklace, a crocheted scarf, vanilla milkshake straws, candy, helly kitty lip balm, memo pad, pansy seeds to plant (mixed with tissue paper and formed into a butterfly,) bags of tea, an IA magnet, and an IA coffee mug (which unfortunately broke on the way.) She seemed to like everything, so I think I did alright!

I think this is the closest I managed to get of the true color. It was a nice, mossy green.

This scarf was my secret swap project. It started out as a cowl, but it was turning out too thick and warm for spring. Next it was a more complicated crocheted scarf pattern, but I was working so many hours that I just didn't have the brain space to ever get much done on it. So it turned into this- a v-stitch scarf in a brick pattern. This was simple enough that I could work on it in front of the television, but in my opinion much nicer than a plain garter stitch, single crochet, or double crochet scarf would have been.

Photo courtesy of my swap partner (hi swap partner! I don't want to put your  Ravelry name on here, just in case!)

I've decided that swaps are a lot of fun, and will definitely be doing another one at some point in the future. Hope you all are doing well, happy crafting!

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