Tuesday, November 8, 2011

On a quest for pumpkins!

Sunday was one of those long, almost perfect days. You know what I'm talking about, don't you? The kind of day where you can sleep in without the whole oh-no-I-wasted-the-entire-day guilt. (I'm sure the time change helped with that.) The type of morning when you and a loved one can wake up refreshed and cook a simple breakfast, then laze around until lunch. Maybe, you decide to go out and try a new restaurant for lunch. I did! Whether it's good or not doesn't matter, it's the experience that counts!

Anyway, after lunch, I decided I absolutely MUST make pumpkin seeds. Right that minute. I mean come on, It's after Halloween, pumpkins must be on sale, right? Wrong! My husband and I went to THREE different stores and couldn't find a pumpkin anywhere. Right before giving up, I remembered a pick-your-own-apple place not too far away, and thought that they might have pumpkins too. Not wanting to add another flop destination to the day, I called first. Lo and behold they still had pumpkins, it must have been fate!

On the way there, we saw some wild turkeys on someone's lawn. Wild turkeys! Recently having moved away from the hustle and bustle that is the suburbs of Chicago, this was super exciting. There are so many animals in Iowa, and it is not like we live in a very rural area either. Imagine my delight when we arrived at the pumpkin farm and saw this guy!

He's so cute! Right in the same pen there were two peacocks, I didn't get a great picture but you can kind of see the boy peacock here:

Around back they had some more critters, look at this cute little one eared goat!

And these curious guys!

I totally wanted to make yarn out of them

The little store connected to the farm was charming, I left with two pumpkins, a half gallon of apple cider, and a free apple. Woohoo!

I will show you my easy no fail "recipe" for pumpkin seeds later this week. It is super simple!


  1. Loved the pics! Especially the one captioned "I totally wanted to make yarn out of them". Lately I cannot pass by a flock of sheep without mentally converting their coats to a sweater for myself!

  2. Thanks! I only had my cell phone so some of the photos came out a little wonky, but those little guys were just too cute! Completely understand where you're coming from with the sheep sweaters too.

  3. Cute Pics! Cute blog! Love your "falling sheep" logo!